Ranikhet Cottage is a tastefully made and warmly decorated & neatly kept cottage a home away from home. the caretaker- a local, Mr. shankar is available full time to look after our guests- he’s also an excellent cook- can serve an Indian meal in half an hour flat- including non veg. all facilities for your comfort have been catered for- but please treat it as a home- it’s not meant to be a hotel or a guest house- we welcome all our guests with warmth.

We have even kept a visitors book for your valuable comments and suggestions, which are immediately acted upon. Since water is scarce in the hills, we request for guests to conserve and use it judiciously. Arrangements are made for fresh spring water twice a day that fills up the tanks (600 liters). We also have an external storage tank for rain water harvesting of 1000 litres capacity.

Ranikhet is a town dominated by the cantonment. Its name means ‘Queen’s Meadow’. It was developed as a retreat during the British Raj to serve as an escape for them from the sultry plains of North India. It is a beautiful cantonment town in the Almora district of Uttarakhand, away from the hustle-bustle of cities. It is also the home for the Kumaon & Naga Regiments, being their Training Centre. The city is blessed with magnificent scenic grandeur and enjoys a salubrious climate throughout the year. Beautiful views of the majestic Himalayas as well as the blooming gardens make Ranikhet a viewer’s delight. Set amidst dense forests of pine, oak and deodar, Ranikhet hosts a diverse variety of flora and fauna. This area has moist mixed-deciduous forests, sub-alpine pastures and scrub in abundance Leopard, Leopard Cat, Mountain Goat, Barking Deer, Sambhar, Wild Bear, Indian Hare, Red Faced Monkey, Jackal, Langur, Red Fox, and Porcupine are the animals that can be commonly seen here.

MAJKHALI: This little village affords breathtaking views of the majestic Mt.Trishul, the abode of Lord Shiva, which is visible from our cottage, on a clear day, standing at a stunning height of 26,500 ft above sea level. It is mesmerizing to see the mountains turn gold, pink, red, purple, blue and finally black during sunset. Majkhali, a sleepy hamlet town, is 12 kilometers from Ranikhet – main town – at 25 mins driving time, along the Almora Highway.Vimoksha Valley is a gated cluster of 18 pink-roofed cottages, lying left of the main highway, at 200 m distance, along the road to village Digoti.

Ranikhet Climate
Ranikhet has a beautiful weather all through the year. During summers (from Aril to mid July) the temperature varies from 14-18 degree (night) to 22-28 degree (day). During winters the temperature drops to 0-4 degree (night) and 10-18 degree (day). During the monsoon (mid July to end Sep), it attracts considerable rainfall and the temperature accordingly drops. Sun is mostly bright & clear due to the clean air and pure atmosphere.